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RV Trailer Tire Storage

Knowing how to properly store your RV trailer tires when they’re not in use can prolong their lifespan. Weather and ozone damage are the primary causes of your trailer tires deteriorating and speeds up the aging process of your RV trailer tires. The ozone in the air combined with UV rays will causes the rubber material to dry out and deteriorate. The sidewalls of your trailer tires will be hit the hardest by sunlight.

How to Store RV Trailer Tires

  • You want to store your tires in a cool and clean location that is away from the sun and any air currents. Tires can have their durability reduced when exposed to the elements.
  • Keep your tires stored flat. This will help keep the shape of the tire.
  • Keeping your tires wrapped in opaque polyethylene will reduce the damage caused by the ozone in the air and sunlight. There are special bags developed especially for this purpose.
  • Keep your tires off the storage surface when storing tires outdoors. Simply use pieces of wood to keep them off the ground.
  • Tires that are stored while mounted on rims will need their tire pressure dropped to 10 psi in cold weather. If it is warm when you are storing the tires, keep the air pressure at 15 psi to compensate for pressure drops. in cold weather.
  • Keep your RV trailer tires away from wet or oily areas. Keep your tires away from any ozone generating equipment such as electric motors, generators and furnaces.
  • Keep your stored tires off heat-absorbent surfaces such as black asphalt.