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RV Tires

RV tires are specifically designed for RVs that have to carry heavy loads. It is important for RV owners to select tires that fulfill certain requirements as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Only the manufacturer recommended tire should be used for a particular RV. A buyer needs to know the specifications related to the tire type, size, tread, condition, age and compatibility. RV owners should be able to define the specifications written on the tire.

Tire Specifications
It is written in numbers and letters, and identifies the tire width, P-metric, load capacity, type of construction and sidewall height. These details also identify whether the tire is for temporary spare or main use. The DOT specifications identify the week and year of the production, manufacturer location, plant and production code, and the tire size. Generally, manufacturers recommend replacement of RV tires after six years of use, even if the tread still seems to be in good condition.

What Causes Wear and Tear?
If the RV is driven around quite a lot then the tire may have to be replaced earlier than the recommended date. During driving, the tires go through lots of stress. Whenever an RV turns, stops, pulls, or swerves, the vehicle’s tires go through wear and tear. Some RVs like camper trailers have most of the loads on one side. In such a case, the tire that carries more weight wears out earlier than the other tires.

Things to Remember before Buying
The RV tires should be checked once every year, and every time after the vehicle is driven on rough terrain. It is necessary to inspect both inside and outside sidewalls. If the tire shows any crack, bulge or cut then it should be checked by a professional tire expert who can tell whether the problem can be repaired or a complete replacement is needed. Most manufacturers provide data table and product information on their websites. These details can be used to buy the right type of RV tire.