RV Trailer tire maintenance, brands, reviews and information
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RV Trailer Tire Reviews

If you haven’t already determined how to choose the right sized tire for your RV trailer, please see our How to Choose Trailer Tires section.

When it comes to RV trailer tires, brands are important. Finding a quality brand that produce durable and safe tires is essential. Don’t settle for the cheap generic brands when it comes to your RV trailer tires. Investing in quality can save you time and money. We provide here RV trailer tire reviews here that will help you decide which brand to choose.

Goodyear Marathon Radial
Goodyear Marathon Radial’s are Goodyears special trailer tires built to make towing your RV trailer more enjoyable. They are a good solid investment if you treat them right. Keeping them properly maintained and they will serve you well. Stick to the US made marathons and avoid any that were manufactured abroad. Marathons are a great balance between cost and quality.

Michelin radial tires developed for RV trailers are some of the best quality tires that you can buy for your RV. With the top quality manufacturing comes top prices. If you plan to use your RV trailer frequently, you can’t go past a quality set of Michelin radial RV tires.

A good quality tire that rides smoothly. The sidewalls of Kumho tires are quite strong, so you know that it is a quality tire that can last the distance. Good models to look out for are the Road Venture series, Kumho 857 and Kumho 351 Bias Trailer.

Carlisle brand tires are cheap bias ply tires. Sadly, you get what you pay for with Carlisle. They are known to fail and blowout with very short tire life. Although this is not the case 100% of the time, it is not worth the gamble. Do yourself a favor and invest in a solid, quality brand.

You can get more out of your tires by treating them properly. More often than not, the cause for tire failure is placed on the user rather than the manufacturer. Please see our tire maintenance section to ensure you get the most out of your tires.